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Money Saving Bright Ideas!

Do you have Spotlights in your home. If so the chances are they will be 50 watt halogen lamps using 50 watts of power every time you switch them on. The average cost per year to run 1 single 50 watt lamp for 3 hours a day is £5.76.

Now there is a new lamp out which is powered by LED. These lamps can be very easy to convert to and last around 10 years. The average cost to run one of these lamps is £0.096p per year. A saving of £5.66.

Let’s say you have 10 spotlights in the house – that’s a saving of £56.60 per year, which is well over £500 after 10 years. That’s money better off in your pocket than in the electricity company’s!

Convert now and start saving £££s straight away. There’s no mess or fuss and can be done with every type of light in your house.

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Electrics and Government Regulations

Getting an MOT on your home electrics is always a good idea.  However unless your home is less than 9 years old or has been rewired in the last 5 years you will soon have to update your electric system in line with imminent new government regulations. The new RCD consumer units minimise the chance of electrical faults starting a fire and the government is changing the law to ensure that all homes have a new style unit fitted.  In the meantime you should be aware that an old style fusebox could invalidate your home insurance for fire claims.

Getting your electrics tested and updated is not yet a legal requirement and you can save money by getting the work done now before it becomes compulsory. Having the unit changed is a quick, clean no fuss job which must be carried out by a Part P registered and qualified electrician to be valid.

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